JIRA, Atlassian’s golden goose, is used in more than 120 countries around the world. It’s arguably the world leader in software project management and may be second to none. This beast is proudly developed in Java. It was initially first released in 2002 as bug tracker but has evolved into more. With so many followers and enthusiasts, JIRA Support is second to none with its robust community. Furthermore, many have cited this as the reason why they feel JIRA influence isn’t going anywhere.


In retrospect, JIRA has a great community of users and third-party vendors because it is so widely used. That’s the benefit of having a great open source product. Eventually, JIRA support had to reap the benefits of this popularity and goodwill. Widely interactive, the Atlassian Community allows you to earn Level badges in its community.  You earn levels for joining the Atlassian Community, when you like something, post three times and so on. Consequentially, it’s possible to get a response within a day of asking a question on the community. Talk about engagement!

Why JIRA support is important

Since there are multiple users on Jira, questions and queries always pop up. And it can be a jungle without any JIRA Support. Yes, JIRA has a robust and customizable workflow which can be designed graphically. Though that doesn’t stop many JIRA users from getting confused or lost in this maze. Additionally, JIRA can easily be extended further through add-ons and plugin system. Yes, there is a wide range of add-on/plugins available, both free and paid ones. It can still get tough finding advice on the right plugin you may need for your project. Furthermore, JIRA has become slightly complex over the years, so occasional access to JIRA support lightens the burden for many.

Jira Support Project

For first time Jira admins I’d suggest creating a “Jira support” project to help your team get up to speed. Do ensure all users can create issues in it and see everything. Have at least issue types for a Project (so you get a record of new projects, and can use these as a project register). Additionally, Jira Config, so you can track new fields, workflows, screens, etc. Furthermore, add-on requests and Helps/assistance, for anything that is a user wants to know. Anyway, in summary, have an open Jira/Atlassian support Project. Or simply build a test project around something you already know, like baking a cake or writing a letter.  

JIRA benefits

JIRA as a project management facilitator allows you enter descriptions of tasks that need to be done. It lets you assign those tasks to other co-workers and set deadlines. Furthermore, it allows you to create tasks or issues for customer-support and more. As all tickets are recorded, JIRA improves your productivity and the quality of your work. It allows for a well-defined customizable workflow easily integrating with Atlassian’s Confluence and with the social intranet Linchpin. Additionally, it offers multiple out-of-the-box reports for agile reporting.

JIRA Features

While JIRA allows you to pick scrum boards or Kanban boards, it also has Jira Mobile, the mobile app. It has advanced JQL queries to create custom filters for dashboards. Additionally, issue subscriptions to generate automated email reports. Its reporting is world class as you can see burn down/up and generic reporting. This helps to improve the process and communication. Furthermore, it provides for a complete road map for a project. This allows you to see the ups and downs of the schedule and the actual working. It also allows customization of requirements at an organization or team level.

Open Licenses.

JIRA is a commercial software product licensed for cloud users and as a hosted application. It also available free to open source projects who meet certain criteria, that’s in addition to academic licenses. Furthermore, Atlassian provides a free community license which such licenses made for official not for profit organizations and charities. Additionally, for non-government organizations, non-commercial organizations specifically those with no religious affiliation who would not otherwise be able to afford. The educational license is typically for accredited teaching hospitals, accredited schools, public libraries, and home-school programs.

Software Testing

JIRA support is also available to software testing companies as it can be integrated with other tools. Consequentially, anyone interested in software testing should know some basics. From performing web products testing, desktop application checking or mobile testing. Accordingly, specialists use systems like JIRA to help detect errors, their status, progress level, and many other factors. Furthermore, JIRA provides features for story creation in agile methodology to ease such processes.

Jira Depth

An attempt to portray the range of possibilities in JIRA just paints the picture of the need for JIRA support. JIRA also provides the Networked Help Desk API for sharing customer support tickets with other issue tracking systems. Not only does it offer an opportunity to capture all work requests, tasks, bugs in a consistent, searchable. It also provides a customizable, assignable and prioritizable format for everything. Additionally, it shows a person what they need to do, how urgent it is, for what date and who requested it. Above all, giving visibility over each other’s work, a greater sense of collaboration and accountability. Navigating all this is possible with JIRA support and its awesome community.


Lastly, JIRA is Open Source and has many CI/CD tools which can integrate with it. Additionally, JIRA includes tools allowing migration from Bugzilla which is also an open source tool. Widely used as a defects Management tool by most enterprise organizations with good reason. JIRA support can only grow stronger. Furthermore, similar Jira support is rendered to other tools like BitBucket, Trello, Bamboo, Confluence. The popularity is because JIRA allows efficient team collaboration allowing less time in following up tasks. Additionally, it’s way more than a bug and issue tracker. So have a peace of mind as you discover JIRA at your convenience.