Generally, enterprise customer support has significant on business performance such as productivity and profitability. In retrospect, Software support is a subset of maintenance services. For instance, traditional software support services include understanding and documenting customer queries. Furthermore, extending existing functions or adding new functions. Additionally, finding and correcting bugs, training, rewriting, restructuring, and converting software. Specifically, support activities are usually a ‘right’ of software end-users. Thus, all software companies should provide timely support services facilitating customer requests. As we shall get to find out, Atlassian support covers all the above bases efficiently.

Support challenges

Unfortunately, enterprise software is normally mission critical though can get complicated. For instance, the Atlassian Stack can affect your performance in financials, sales, project management, production, and human resource. Generally, front-end support can be independent organizational unit in a software enterprise or simply integrated into other departmental units. Poor support can bring your company to its knees and cost millions of dollars. For instance, lack of formalized and agreed standards, attitudes, competences, communication between teammates, or migration from other systems. Consequently, fast-paced, volatile scalable enterprise environments need the best in 24×7 software support and shorter response times.

The Atlassian Stack

Generally, founded in 2002, Atlassian Corp develops cloud or installed software for enterprises, small businesses software developers and project managers. For instance, its most famous services include JIRA, BitBucket, Jira Service Desk, Confluence and Slack. Furthermore, Atlassian has over 80,000 customers, spread across different types of industries in more than 170 countries. Additionally, Atlassian clients range from small start-ups to fortune 500 enterprises. Specifically, categorized as a primarily business-to-business (B2B) software provider. Best-suited for teams than individuals, Atlassian’s stack is still undisputed. 

Types of Atlassian’s Support

Generally, Atlassian prides itself in a quick and accurate response system for requests ensuring customer satisfaction. For instance, Atlassian’s support typically entails technical support, quality auditioning, education and training. The main types of Atlassian’s support are majorly four. Firstly, ‘Priority Support for Atlassian Cloud’ where clients get elevated levels of support for issue resolution and smooth cloud running. Secondly, ‘Priority Support for Atlassian Server’ which ensures efficient scaling of mission-critical Atlassian Server and Data Center applications. Furthermore, ‘Select Support’ is normally included the average Atlassian license ensuring active maintenance from support engineers during business hours.

Premier Atlassian Support

Generally, Atlassian Premier Support entails a fast response time and 24/7 coverage for mission-critical issues. Furthermore, phone access, development escalation Priority and Atlassian Level 3 Engineers access is provided. With Atlassian Support engineers available over the weekend, ensuring coverage whenever your organization requires.  Additionally, Atlassian premier support comes with application health checks all at a cost of $35,000/year in comparison to the standard which is free. Similarly, Premier Support avails regular health checks on installed products in production and quality assurance.

Advantages of Premier Support

Firstly, Atlassian support engineers are account-focused. Hence know your Atlassian stack, environments, and prior support interactions. Secondly, this support is available by phone during critical issues, ensuring the shortest path to issue resolution. Thirdly, Atlassian support is availed 24/7 to premier clients on phone and web portal. Supplemented with online meetings and screen shares for critical issues. Additionally, the response time is 30 minutes for all business-critical issues and 2hours for non-critical cases. 

Atlassian Trainings

Another subtle form of Atlassian support is the trainings.  These trainings enable you know all there is to know thus providing more accurate guidance and support. Specifically, professional training ensures others trust your expertise. For example, JIRA Training course can make you an expert in bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions. Additionally, the numerous books on Amazon on JIRA administration can be invaluable. Furthermore, from add-on provisioning, configuration, and management to back end server and network operations, trainings can really help.

Additional Resources.

Generally, knowledge is imperative for any support since solving specific problems requires an in-depth understanding of specific relevant details. Specifically, for many who can’t afford Premier support, Atlassian self-help resources provide the right knowledge base, Atlassian Answers, and documentation.  Additionally, Atlassian has amazing online documentation and support portal for  Questions – Atlassian Answers. Furthermore, a growing Atlassian Community for any questions.  Not forgetting the JIRA Tutorials – YouTube which can support you in understanding Atlassian stack workflows. Additionally, summit videos on the Atlassian YouTube Channel can help, whether for intermediate or advanced level gurus. 


In conclusion, Atlassian support offers benefits like cost savings, upgrade flexibility and better responsiveness. Generally, most traditional vendors simply add support as a percentage of your license costs hence delivering fixes, patches, certifications, and upgrades. Additionally, Atlassian gives you various options as we have seen. And, system status checks of your products on the Atlassian site are readily available. Lastly, feel free to contact Atlassian partners like Bokapsys for any Atlassian support requirements.