Developed by Atlassian, an Australian company in 2002, Jira has since been considered the most popular of test management tools. Its test management capabilities enable Jira to create and manage projects. Furthermore, Jira can seamlessly create test plans, test cases, user stories, and test scenarios. Additionally, it has much more functionality with the ability to create and work on several projects and conduct testing. Furthermore, generate crash reports, create automatic builds, and bug tracking. With all this awesomeness, some queries do come up when dealing with Jira login.

Jira Login User history

Can one access Jira login history of users? In retrospect, we can easily get Jira login count and last login information.  But is there any way to retrieve Jira login history for a particular user? Sadly, this is impossible through the UI, though you do have a log file atlassian-jira-security.log. This log is in the Jira database and stores attributes with the user object with the following attributes are stored. The attributes are: “lastAuthenticated”,”login.currentFailedCount”,”login.lastLoginMillis”, “login.previousLoginMillis”,”login.count”. These attributes are dynamically updated with each login, hence why there isn’t much use for Jira login history.

Issues logging into JIRA applications for Atlassian Server platform. 

Firstly, there some Functional differences in Atlassian Cloud when compared to the Atlassian Server. Though some users may encounter with Jira login and get errors. Such errors can appear as the error message ‘You do not have a permission to log in’. Furthermore, you may observe an error in the atlassian-jira-security.log. to solve this select ‘Global Permissions’ to open the Global Permissions page. This page lists all JIRA applications global permissions. Proceed to use the keyboard shortcut: g + g + start typing global permissions.


Specifically, check whether the user has Global Permissions as “JIRA applications Users”. Otherwise, the user will not be able to log in and the above error will be displayed.  In higher versions of Jira, the ability for users to login to the main JIRA portal site is no longer managed in the global permissions section.  In contrast, it is controlled on the application access page. 

Reverting a password reset in Jira Login

 Generally, if ever you misinterpret or mistakenly reset a clients’ Jira passwords through “Administration–> User management”. Can you revert a password reset in Jira Login without resetting through email. Unfortunately, you will not be able to revert the password changes in this Jira Login feature. Though, if you have the backup of JIRA, then you can restore that version but you will lose all the data.

Jira Login impersonations

Another question typically asked is whether it is possible to log into as another user from the administrator profile. Conversely, this can be to see actually what the user will see or not see. This function would be quite handy to impersonate another user to investigate complex workflow with permission problems. Generally, this is not possible in JIRA without a plugin but it is possible with other ways. Firstly, if you have internal user management, you can reset the password of the user to whatever you want. Then later inform the user to reset it himself. Secondly, you can install the script runner plugin from the Atlassian marketplace and use its internal function to switch. Furthermore, you can try the plugin “JIRA SU“.

Jira Implementation

Certainly, the implementation of any idea starts with a clear planning of the whole process. This includes team selection, granting responsibilities and assigning tasks. Furthermore, choosing the best test management tools that will be used during the whole development cycle. All with the goal of creating a product of high software quality. Additionally, agile is a mindset as much as a process style and Jira could be its brain.  Consider elevating your Jira use to optimize your organization long term and adopt an industry-grade mindset.  


Generally, for more information on Jira login, troubleshooting and workarounds consider books such as JIRA 5.2 Essentials. Additionally, check out YouTube channels on JIRA Agile especially channels like GreenHopper. Furthermore, take a peek into the  JIRA 6.x Administration Cookbook for advice and configurations. All these resources are highly complementary and useful for different audiences who are interested in Jira. Lastly, we can’t end this post without mentioning the need to always refer to Atlassian Documentation if stuck somewhere. Cheers.