In the software space since 2005, JIRA has grown majorly due to its large user base and word of mouth. Some of the favorite features amongst fans include navigable dashboards, saved searches, labels, advanced search queries. Furthermore, linked issues, easy issue follow-up, history tracking, batch updates, views in issue navigator. Additionally, being able to customize JIRA is great allowing you to adjust the use of the software to your needs. Like any amazing software, evolution is inevitable. With each Jira latest version, it’s evident that they have borrowed tips from Trello about simplicity and ease of use.

Jira Latest version

Conversely, in the current Jira latest version, we see deeper simplicity and consistency. Especially, with the new issue view, which has already been released to boards and backlogs for Jira Software. Specifically, you can use the quick-add buttons to add attachments and subtasks. Furthermore, add link issues, in a second, and edit everything you see inline.  Similarly, you can assign a default value for your next-gen project fields with Jira latest version. Otherwise, you can automatically fill fields with a default value when one creates an issue in your next-gen project. Similarly, you can filter issues in project issues list flawlessly.

Additional Features of Jira Latest version

Generally, Atlassian added a text filter above the issues list in projects. This is to help one find the issue they’re looking for quicker. While in a project, simply go to ‘Issues and filters’. And proceed to add a search term in the filter field, that is above the list of issues. For new issue views, in the Jira latest version, you can see work log entries. Furthermore, you can view the amount of time spent and each work log entry. A noteworthy mention is the modified confluence page links in Jira latest version. Accordingly, you can add a link to a Confluence page, with a quick-add button which is underneath the issue summary.

Next Gen

Conversely, Atlassian as part of the Jira latest version menu is planning to roll out next-gen and incident management projects. Consequently, any Jira Software licensed user can create their own next-gen project by default. Additionally, Jira Ops licensed users can also create their own incident management project at their discretion. Furthermore, these projects don’t affect existing Jira projects, shared configurations, or schemes at all. Similarly, you can manage who is allowed to create a next-gen and incident management project. This is with the new create ‘independent projects’ global permission in Jira latest version. Lastly, you’re now allowed creation of an issue anywhere on the backlog of your next-gen project.

Jira Core 8.0

Generally, as the server version of Jira, Jira Core 8.0 is part of the Jira latest version offering. For instance, with better email notifications, you can now batch events that occur close together. Thus receiving them in a single summary email which is more convenient. Additionally, Atlassian has improved the distinctiveness and accessibility of priority icons. Further, improved search for issues updated by specific users within a specified time range. This is whether looking for issues updated in the 9 hours or last three months. In this Jira latest version, we see upgrade of Lucene, Jira’s search-based subsystem engine.


Conversely, though not visible initially, improvements to indexing are evident in Jira latest version. Generally, making it easier to maintain and administer your Jira workflow. Furthermore, Agile boards and backlogs should be able to load twice as fast on average. Jira Scrum and Kanban boards and backlogs have all been given a makeover. Don’t worry, this is with the promise that the changes won’t affect existing workflows or apps. Jira latest version additionally supports 4-byte characters with MySQL 5.7 and later, meaning you can use all these emojis now.


Conversely, As part of the Jira ecosystem in one way, it’s a worthy mention of confluence updates. Users will soon have a single profile for all the Atlassian products you use on your site. This will include Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. Generally, all this will be possible by consolidating your Atlassian account for less redundancy. Atlassian has planned to fix logs with width layouts to improve readability across all devices. Additionally, a bunch of other updates is planned. Improving editing reliability and clean up your editing experience. Lastly, all collaborators will now get credited as page authors.


Firstly, when it comes to Bitbucket, premium plan customers can now restrict deployments to admins, or specific branches. Secondly, Atlassian aims to help developers scale their Agile practices across an entire enterprise. This is with its recent acquisition of AgileCraft. Generally, the same can be said with Shotgun. This will connect game development art and engineering workflows fostering collaboration, communication, and faster iteration. Furthermore, Jira cloud users will be able to install and configure new products and invite new users themselves. Lastly, they shall be able to add Paypal as a method of payment.