The impacts of internet technologies have resulted in an increase in organizational productivity over the past decade. Testament is the visible increase in the number of automated project management software online. Furthermore, the evolution of these tools has seen their application go further with add-ons and plugins.  There is clearly no shortage of project managers project management software online as opposed to desktop applications. This is simply because project management is now more collaborative and inclusive of all stakeholders.


Generally, as we have seen with the internet age, customers’ demands are ever changing. Therefore, to cope with the dynamic changing demands, project management software online has had to evolve. In retrospect, more and more companies realizing how important efficient project management is. With no room for complacency, it makes sense to use proven project management methods. Furthermore, project failures cost enterprises hundreds of billions of dollars annually. That’s why project management software online like Jira has been adopted for applications other than software development.

Features of Project Management Software Online

Specifically, using software tools for project management is all about efficiency and organization since individuals have been conducting projects for centuries. For example, the Egyptian pyramids, the Great Wall of China all showed that humans could carry out sophisticated feats. Notwithstanding, the software just makes the process more audited, timely and organized. The ideal project management software online should be able to facilitate: task scheduling, resource management, collaboration, time tracking. Furthermore, project estimation, change management, project reporting, process management, quality management and issue tracking.

Task Scheduling & Resource Management:

Task scheduling is basically defining the start and end times for each activity/task. The intended result of proper task scheduling is a feasible project schedule. Generally, most project management software online support task scheduling. This can be in the form of sprints or timelines. Generally, this enables project managers to monitor project milestones and activities. While resource Management allows project leads to allocate proper resources to activities and tasks to meet the project requirements. These resources may include financial resources, project inventory, human skills, production resources.


Generally, project teams are normally comprised of all types of professionals with different skills sets. Ideally, collaboration helps in managing inter-team development activities. Furthermore, great collaboration provides the opportunity to detect potential issues or problems in time. Additionally, it helps when taking proactive steps to avoid conflicts, knowledge sharing and delays in schedules. Collaboration for project management software online is implemented using integrated chat tools. These tools include Slack, Trello or wiki tools like Confluence.

Time Tracking & Communication Tools

Generally, time tracking enables the recording, analyzing, estimation, and reporting of the time spent on project activities. This can be through tracking employers’ timesheets and expenses at ties. Additionally, time tracking leads to a deeper detailed breakdown of project tasks. Communication tools inform stakeholders about the status of the project. These are channels that can allow professional communication, notification, and supervision. Conversely, Such tools like Slack are the foundation for collaborative activities as all stakeholders can converse easily on them.

Issue Tracking, Project Reporting & Change Management

Generally, issue Tracking is the creation, maintenance, and management of issues related to a project. Project reporting involves the analysis of products, processes, and outcomes of the project. Considering analytics, development effectiveness of the project is done using charts such as Gantt or PERT. Lastly, change management is basically the controlling of project plans, resources, and the cost of the project development process. Conversely, the typical online project management software should be able to facilitate all the above-mentioned attributes.

Agile Scrum & Kanban

Generally, a common trait in most project management software online is to apply either Scrum or Kanban techniques. The entire work scope in Scrum is broken down into short development cycles called Sprints. Aimed at sustaining strong collaboration between people working on complex products, here the team strictly follows a work plan for each Sprint.  Furthermore, Kanban is built on workflow visualization with no timeboxed development cycles for projects. Additionally, the project team can change the work plan at any time with standard procedures within the process.

Medium for Project Success

Conversely, software is simply a medium for project success. Specifically, it’s in combination with focused people in a project, that leads to great outcomes and results. Project Management Software online just acts as an aided project management interface. Furthermore, project management software online acts as an interface between team members and stakeholders ensuring confidence that tasks are being achieved in line with timelines. Efficiency at its best.

Jira Agile

As an industry one of the best project management software online is JIRA which supports agile project planning. Jira additionally supports bug tracking and comes with different packages with prices. Furthermore, it characterizes its offering mainly in two categories. For development (issue tracking and agile project management) and service desk for issue tracking and service requests. Generally, with a multiple user interfaces, JIRA is designed such single individuals receive issues preventing them from getting overlooked.  


Lastly, Jira has a detailed scheduling feature and is flexible helping you to manage deliverables, keep productivity high, manage the backlogs and plan sprints. Additionally, you can link documents or any support content to Jira issues. In conclusion, Jira comes with free tutorial videos, online workshops and walk-throughs for easy learning. Generally, your ideal project management software online letting you manage deliverables, keep productivity high, and highlight blockers as they arise.